SCAM CALLERS ALERT! Roofstyle does not cold call or leaflet drop. We have had reports of companies using our name and brand but not providing our excellent level of customer service. If you encounter a company that you feel is pretending to be Roofstyle please feel free to contact the Police and Trading Standards.


At Roofstyle we offer a complete range of tiling services including:

– Concrete Plain Tiles

– Concrete Interlocking Tiles

– Clay Plain Tiles

– Clay Interlocking Tiles

If there is anything you need that you do not see listed please call us and we will do all we can to help you.

What they are saying...

As a company they offer very competitive rates and ensure a thorough and honest opinion is provided before any quotation is presented.

— Property Manager


Roofstyle Ltd, Spring Road, Industrial Estate, Lanesfield Drive, Wolverhampton, WV4 6UB

Telephone - 01902 405989